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I don’t think anyone told Greg that his son owns a lion.

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Gravity Falls continues to insert ridiculous and obvious allusions to things Disney won’t allow

This is part of the reason why Gravity Falls rocks so much. Instead of fighting Disney, they pretty much mock it so much its become a joke. I love it.

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"Me: Well I have to start eating more healthy
Me:*buys V8 drink*
Me:*Buys a bag of hershey almond kisses and a box of debby cakes*
Me:*at home eating the entire bag of hershey kisses in two days*

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So here’s a better version of my fursona and not a rushed all off anatomy one haha. I’d be an effing bull terrier to be honest. Diamond studded collar because my birthstone and all. I love bull terriers and their cute big ole snouts. 

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I will enjoy drawing the fighting panels with these two. 

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